Immune IT Roles and Functions for Heavily Regulated Manufacturing Businesses: Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Defense and Weapons, and Aerospace

We typically provide IT professionals in the following configurations:

  • An outsourced IT decision maker
  • Help desk and day-to-day IT problem solvers overseen by an outsourced IT decision maker
  • Project-specific problem solvers overseen by an outsourced IT decision maker

Outsourced IT Decision Maker

An outsourced IT Decision Maker is a Immune IT professional focused on helping grow your business. This functionality is the focus of our business.

All our problem solvers are based in our Carlsbad, CA office. We do not use overseas or out-of-the-area help. We want to provide you with someone who is just as available to your business as a salaried employee – if you have a problem, we will be there.

  • Listens patiently to company management, and helps form realistic goals
  • Suggests technologies that will help achieve increased sales and a heightened quality-of-life for company employees:
  • Demonstrates a IT subject mastery similar to any department Manager/Director/VP: infrastructure, servers, data storage and maintenance, software systems, and the cloud
  • Demonstrates mastery specific to our approach: ERP, CRM, SRM, and EDMS systems for regulated manufacturers
  • Helps to plan for technologies and implementations that comply with specific industry regulations, hurdles, and audits
  • Helps define, plan, and manage projects to implement or improve above-mentioned systems with and without the help of assisting contractors or inside employees
  • Helps to manage outside IT and telecom-related vendors including providing ROI through contract negotiation and selection
  • Makes his or herself available for calls and emails on a flexible schedule
  • Typically works one or two full days a week at your location to maintain an on-site presence

Please feel free to read through the industry-specific technology implementations we cover on our site: QCBD, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Job Boss, and more. These technologies come with challenges. An effective and well-planned implementation can save enormous capital in the form of internal salary hours and time and resources. An IT Decision Maker is a part of almost any successful technology solution implementation. We want to help you select, install, and customize the right system to grow your business – and ours.

Help Desk and Day-to-Day IT Problem Solvers Overseen by an Outsourced IT Decision Maker

You can hire an IT guy, but who manages the IT guy? This is the most common problem we encounter with manufacturers. Especially people who make complicated, problem-solving, industry-specific solutions. These folks have advanced, focused knowledge and don’t have time to waste managing people outside of their wheelhouse of experience. Computers, and the cloud, are changing so quickly that there are plenty of actively working business executives, with decades of experience, who ran successful companies before computers were a significant driving force.

For companies that outgrow our Decision Maker role, and need more help than a single consultant can give we provide affordable, outsourced IT professionals in day-to-day roles. Printer just go down? Server need to be restarted? Need help installing software on one computer? Website or POS system need regular, small updates? These are great jobs for a day-to-day IT professional.

What does a day-to-day staffed IT professional do:

  • Takes input from company management and relays any questions to the decision maker
  • Completes comprehensive work logs to be submitted as-often-as-requested
  • Gives day-to-day feedback to the decision maker on which technologies would be most beneficial for the organization
  • Demonstrates specific IT mastery relative to installed technologies at a specific organization: Dynamics CRM, Job Boss, QCBD, Master Control, Windows Active Directory, etc
  • Demonstrates industry-specific compliance knowledge as it relates to IT
  • Follows the IT decision maker’s plans for software and technology implementations
  • Works on-site on a regular basis, responds to emails and calls as if a regular employee
Project-specific Problem Solvers Overseen by an Outsourced IT Decision Maker

We are the only vendor in North County San Diego in CAMA Software’s Partner Program for QCBD.

We are the only Microsoft Partner (that we know of) in North County San Diego that specializes in 21 CFR Part 11 SharePoint installations.

We are the only Microsoft Partner (that we know of) in North County San Diego that specializes in moving medical documents and EDMS to the cloud.

We moved nearly 1000 seats to Office 365 among North County weapons and safety manufacturers in 2016 alone.

These experiences make Immune ideal for specialized projects. We do not always work on a staffed or long-term basis helping to make decisions.

Are you looking to implement Master Control? Dynamics CRM? Looking to move a struggling, custom web solution to Shopify? We can provide a team complete with a decision maker and specialized solution experts for tackling most project-based implementations for the manufacturing fields listed above.

Are you ready to be immune?

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