Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

As of Q1 2017, Immune has more than 1000 individual “seats” (or people) under management on Office 365.

We are familiar with every Office 365 product, and have performed an extensive amount of conversions and moves to this product. We firmly believe Office 365 is the strongest offering in Microsoft’s current product stack, and that anyone not taking advantage of this service stands to leverage significant long-term cost savings and increased productivity in businesses of all sizes.

For those unfamiliar, Microsoft’s Office 365 is Microsoft’s attempt to transition all of their existing products to the cloud on a subscription, Microsoft-maintained basis. Microsoft offers subscriptions to Office, Project, Access, Server products, SharePoint, and more through Office 365. In nearly all cases these offerings make more sense than the physical offerings.

Office 365, especially when it comes to subscriptions of Microsoft Office Professional, displaces the need for organizations to continuously purchase new licenses of physical software every 2 years. Office 365 keeps each user’s version of Office up-to-date in line with patches released by Microsoft. If you subscribe to Office 365, and Office 2016 is the current version, then users will download 2016 – if 2018 comes out two weeks later, then users will be automatically upgraded to 2018. Under the previous operating model, which requires companies to buy software each time a major release happened, a company would be in poor shape if a major update was released shortly after purchasing a physical copy of Office for each user.

We are able to assess, implement, and support every product offered within the Office 365 ecosystem.

  Typical Implementation Schedule:
 Assess readiness to transition to Office 365.
 Count user and license requirements.
 Determine eligibility for Dir Sync environment.
 Evaluate current DNS management and ownership, setup Office 365 DNS records.
 Provision Office 365 tenant, create initial users.
 Create bulk users or transition from current environment depending on scenario.
 License users.
 Download software and train users.


We are considering buying new copies of Office Professional for all of our users, is this a good plan?

In general, no. The physical copies, and licensed versions of Office Professional, Project, and other Microsoft products have now been displaced and outdated by Office 365. The long-term cost savings and productivity increases that come with Office 365 just make sense.

We encourage you to call a Immune IT tech at our Carlsbad, CA location to discuss Office 365 eligibility.

What are the main advantages to Office 365?

Users can download software from anywhere, each user gets up to 5 copies of Office, the subscriptions include access to the mobile versions of Office, Office is always up-to-date, and more.

Office 365 is all-in-all better than traditional software purchasing methods.