Shopify eCommerce Web System

Shopify eCommerce System for Business Websites, Web Sales, and Order Processing

Shopify is the best and only eCommerce solution we recommend. Cost-savings and ease of maintenance are immense compared to almost any current, custom system, no matter how much time a business has invested.

Please take the time to watch this video on FoxFury Lighting Solutions. FoxFury worked with a custom web developer for 10 years to create a website and shopping cart solution. The project went through multiple iterations at great cost and never achieved sales or exposure goals. A new FoxFury site on the Shopify platform replaced their old solution in just one month of development. The Shopify site represents a universal improvement in functionality and pages load 250% faster compared to a complete custom system.

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Our approach, especially for manufacturers that must depend on the systems we install together, is to recommend complete solutions. Solutions, versus “options,” are complete products that work. The only way we grow together is if your IT Solutions work, sales increase, and business grows.

Websites, and web sales platforms are one of the most challenging areas of IT. This is for several reasons:

  • There is no “Microsoft” or “Apple” of the internet
  • Solutions are not standardized
  • Websites are a sales platform that merge art and functionality – they are almost always a work in progress
  • There is no established modularity or plug-in-play componentry to websites
  • Complicated and custom development is almost always required
  • Complicated and custom development is not transparent

Enter Shopify. Shopify is the only eCommerce solution we can recommend, and we recommend it wholeheartedly. Shopify is a 99% complete “off-the-shelf” eCommerce Solution. It already includes:

  • Hosting that is as fast or faster than exists anywhere
  • A platform that is more optimized for speed than any custom system you are ever likely to develop
  • A platform that is more optimized for SEO than any custom system you are ever likely to develop
  • A complete Products system
  • Support for pre-built themes that are tested and approved by the parent company
  • A complete, graphical editing system
  • A complete Cart system
  • A complete Shipping system
  • A pre-built Live Chat system
  • A complete Order Processing System
  • A marketplace of plugins that are aggressively audited by the parent company

There are other platforms that try to fill this space, and chances are if you are in business, you have been pitched on all of them: WordPress, Magento, Open Cart, Zen Cart, etc. We cannot recommend any of these systems. Even though this site ( is built using WordPress and other technologies, WordPress is at best a 50% option. It is not complete enough to be easily implemented and maintained, and it almost always requires development, customization, and hosting that is not transparent.

How complete is Shopify out-of-the-box?

Here are some sites and web stores running on the platform:

The Reddit Store – The “front page of the internet.”

Procter & Gamble

Red Bull

The Google Web Store (yes Google, the largest web software developer in the world uses Shopify instead of their own solution)

Tesla – the world’s most valuable automotive brand.

The Wikipedia Store – The free encyclopedia and one of the world’s most visited websites.

General Electric

Los Angeles Lakers

Your business has its own art, its own branding, and its own marketing goals. These can be ported into Shopify, and this will take some work. In our experience, even large web stores with 200-400 products, can be moved to the system in 4-6 weeks. Cost-savings are immense and start immediately on completion. ROI is generally captured in just a few months due to a 90% reduction in on-going custom development, on-going coding, on-going hosting, on-going hidden fees, etc.

Servers, web hosts, “web guys,” custom plugin development, custom site development, coding, back-and-forths, mock-ups, screen sharing sessions, meetings, and all the hang ups that come with operating a custom web cart and store can be drastically reduced in as little as a month. Give us a call when you are ready to stop dealing with options and start working with the only functional eCommerce solution on the market.