ShopTech E2 for Manufacturers

Shoptech E2 ERP System for Manufacturing Companies

Are you using Quickbooks for accounting? Excel for Bills of Materials? PDFs for processes? Clipboards for record keeping? How about invoicing customers? Tracking materials? Putting jobs together? Once a company is using more than one program to track daily build operations, it is time to consider an ERP

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, plan the use of enterprise resources to manage jobs, shifts, materials, costs, operations, processes, and more to reliably produce product output.

Immune can provide references and testimonials of manufacturers in the highly-regulated weapons and aerospace industries successfully running on Shoptech’s “Shoptech E2” system. Shoptech is an ERP oriented toward shops that actively manufacture here in America, in addition to running sales, accounting, marketing, and other departments.

Transitioning data to Shoptech from Intuit Quickbooks is relatively easy thanks to Shoptech’s excellent import tool – the majority of Shoptech setup and customization comes when it is time to implement the software to go to work for your business. Placing extra emphasis on designing strong up front processes and parameters in Shoptech will result in excellent longterm ROI.

ShopTech comes in two basic versions:

Shoptech E2 Shop System

This system is great for companies that do prototyping and builds on a per-order basis. If you are a machine shop that builds one, or a few, samples of a product this is a great system. Shoptech is also great for auto repair shops, machine shops that do engine and transmission rebuilds, machine shops that do large scale equipment repair, aircraft repair facilities, heavy equipment repair facilities, and more.

The Shoptech E2 shop system is great for companies that have a constantly changing schedule – new jobs can be setup and configured with changing Bills of Materials and better managed through Shoptech’s progress and completion tracker.

Shoptech E2 Manufacturing System

Shoptech’s E2 Manufacturing System is great for companies that are looking to move beyond Intuit Quickbooks due to its limitations in tracking regular jobs and resource costs.

The Manufacturing System is great for OEMs and scale manufacturers that regularly produce products in quantity.

Shoptech allows these manufacturers to track and anticipate demand, setup bulk jobs in advance, and accurately track small build costs – a feature strongly absent in Intuit Quickbooks. Shoptech can track everything down to the smallest nail, and builds resource pools with excellent longterm trend reports including Cost of Quality and Cost of Maintenance.

  Typical Implementation Schedule:
 Assess current ERP situation.
 Assess ability to transition data from Quickbooks, PeachTree, or other accounting system to ShopTech.
 Meet with Manufacturing, Engineering, and Administration departments on Shoptech expectations.
 Perform initial install.
 Customize ShopTech to track BOMs, WO, SOPs, and other important documents and processes.
 Setup resource tracking and configure reports.
 Rollout ShopTech to users.
 Assist with appropriate training.


Can we run ShopTech E2 on any computer?

ShopTech requires a fairly robust database that will grow with your company. It is best run on a standalone server with dedicated backup, or a file server that is not overly taxed by current duties.

What does ShopTech offer over Quickbooks?

ShopTech is a true ERP system that offers job estimation and planning – the ability to complete jobs and repetitively bill customers automatically without having to manually configure and follow-up on invoices and work orders in Quickbooks.